Kathmandu Airport

Statistics on airlines delays and punctuality

In order to better inform passengers flying from or to Kathmandu, we record in a database all flights who have suffered delays at takeoff or landing. Here you will find the main flights concerned.

The biggest delays recently noted:

Order by:
AirlineFlightDelay on departureDelay on arrival
U4504 on X/10/2020
QR644 on X/10/2020
J9539 on X/10/2020
RA434 on X/10/2020
FZ539 on X/10/2020
U4952 on X/10/2020
U4406 on X/10/2020
U4954 on X/10/2020
U4452 on X/10/2020
H9568 on X/10/2020
H95602 on X/10/2020
G9531 on X/10/2020
H95602 on X/08/2020
OD8184 on X/07/2020
H99872 on X/05/2020
G9539 on X/03/2020
H9679 on X/03/2020
U4804 on X/03/2020
MI416 on X/03/2020
U4100 on X/03/2020
H9679 on X/03/2020
U4254 on X/03/2020
U4100 on X/03/2020
U4406 on X/03/2020
U4406 on X/03/2020
U4452 on X/03/2020
U4714 on X/02/2020
H9679 on X/02/2020
U4856 on X/02/2020
YT794 on X/02/2020
U4200 on X/02/2020
MI416 on X/02/2020
U4956 on X/02/2020
H9679 on X/02/2020
U4954 on X/02/2020
OD182 on X/01/2020
RA410 on X/01/2020
RA226 on X/01/2020
CZ3067 on X/01/2020
MI416 on X/01/2020
H9679 on X/01/2020
RA412 on X/01/2020
RA218 on X/01/2020
U4954 on X/01/2020
U4504 on X/01/2020
KB205 on X/01/2020
427 on X/01/2020
TG319 on X/01/2020
YT926 on X/01/2020
U4704 on X/01/2020
U4952 on X/01/2020
U4852 on X/01/2020
B3771 on X/12/2019
MU757 on X/12/2019
6E33 on X/12/2019
EY290 on X/12/2019
U4714 on X/12/2019
KA104 on X/12/2019
RA218 on X/12/2019
TG319 on X/12/2019
RA206 on X/12/2019
CA437 on X/12/2019
6E31 on X/12/2019
U4712 on X/12/2019
FZ575 on X/11/2019
FZ573 on X/11/2019
U4856 on X/11/2019
U4710 on X/11/2019
MU757 on X/11/2019
U4200 on X/11/2019
U4860 on X/11/2019
U4200 on X/10/2019
EY290 on X/10/2019
6E33 on X/10/2019
QR646 on X/10/2019
AI215 on X/10/2019
U4710 on X/10/2019
U4606 on X/10/2019
U4856 on X/10/2019
KB400 on X/10/2019
U4200 on X/10/2019
CZ6067 on X/10/2019
RA206 on X/10/2019
MU757 on X/10/2019
KB400 on X/09/2019
U4858 on X/09/2019
B3774 on X/09/2019
EY290 on X/09/2019
B3773 on X/09/2019
QR644 on X/08/2019
MI414 on X/08/2019
CZ3067 on X/08/2019
RA226 on X/08/2019
QR650 on X/08/2019
RA218 on X/08/2019
QR646 on X/08/2019
MU757 on X/08/2019
H9679 on X/08/2019
B3774 on X/08/2019
B3773 on X/08/2019
U4100 on X/08/2019
U4858 on X/08/2019
KB400 on X/08/2019
B3774 on X/07/2019
RA410 on X/07/2019
CZ3067 on X/07/2019
U4164 on X/07/2019
FZ573 on X/07/2019
U4164 on X/07/2019
OD182 on X/07/2019
RA206 on X/07/2019
U4164 on X/06/2019
TG319 on X/05/2019
TG319 on X/05/2019
KB400 on X/05/2019
KB400 on X/05/2019
KB205 on X/05/2019
MU2593 on X/05/2019
AI215 on X/05/2019
SL220 on X/05/2019
6E31 on X/05/2019
OD184 on X/05/2019
B3774 on X/05/2019
G9531 on X/05/2019
G9531 on X/05/2019
KA104 on X/05/2019
CA437 on X/04/2019
CZ3067 on X/04/2019
RA218 on X/04/2019
EY290 on X/04/2019
FZ573 on X/04/2019
RA402 on X/04/2019
MI414 on X/04/2019
KA104 on X/04/2019
G9539 on X/04/2019
OD182 on X/04/2019
MH114 on X/04/2019
MU757 on X/04/2019
TV9899 on X/03/2019
EY290 on X/03/2019
MU757 on X/03/2019
QR646 on X/03/2019
SL220 on X/03/2019
MU2593 on X/03/2019
AI215 on X/03/2019
9W260 on X/03/2019
WY337 on X/03/2019
6E31 on X/03/2019
OD184 on X/03/2019
WY335 on X/03/2019
Weather in Kathmandu

Humidity: 78%
Wind: E at 6km/h
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